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Athabasca University

Dr. Stuart Berry

Stuart BerryStuart is a fulltime continuing faculty member in the School of Business at Camosun College in Victoria. He is also adjunct faculty within the School of Education and Technology at Royal Roads University. Stuart’s faculty blog, including contact information at Camosun College can be found at .

He is educator with an interest in the process of learning including how we use artefacts to support and shape our understanding of knowledge acquisition. Stuart received his EdD from Athabasca University focusing on distance education and his MA in distributed learning from Royal Roads University. He conducted his doctoral research within the online socially networked learning space at Athabasca University known as the Landing.

Throughout Stuart’s 20-plus year career in the classroom (virtual and f2f), he has grown to understand that he is both a social constructivist and a social constructionist. This understanding has coloured his perception of the value of the learning proposition. He sees learning as a social activity and that although learning comes about as a result of the social interaction and discourse of individuals, the resulting artefacts produced through the learning process are an equally important aspect of the learning and need to be included as part of this social process. In the regard, Stuart continues to examine and reimagine the nature of his learning spaces and the resulting interactions with the learner and their environment.

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