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Dr. Dominique Abrioux: CV

Dr. Dominique Abrioux: CV

Dr. Dominique Abrioux

President Emeritus Professor Emeritus Centre for Distance Education, Athabasca University

SURNAME: Abrioux
CHRISTIAN NAMES: Dominique Andrew Marie Xavier
LANGUAGES: English and French
CURRENT POSITIONS: President Emeritus Professor Emeritus


2008 Professor Emeritus, Athabasca University
2008 University Canada West Academic Council Public Member
2008 Member of the Administrative Council of the Fondation des francophones de la Colombie-Britannique
2006 Chair, Comité de recherches et d’innovation, Conseil Scolaire Francophone de la Colombie-Britannique
2005 President Emeritus, Athabasca University
2005 Alberta Centennial Medal
2005 Paul Harris Fellow, The Rotary Foundation of RotaryInternational
2005 Lifetime Member of the Canadian Association of Distance Education
2003 Doctor of The University, The Open University, United Kingdom (Honorary Degree)
2003 Vice-President ( North America), International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)
2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal
2002 Honorary Fellow, Commonwealth of Learning
2002 Honorary Patron, St. Albert Continuous Learning Community Society
2002-2004 Government of Canada Educational Marketing Advisory Board
2002-2005 Commissioner, Council for Higher Education International Commission ( USA)
2000-2005 President, Canadian Virtual University-Université virtuelle canadienne
1999-2002 Director, Global University Alliance
1999-2002 International representative on the Southern Regional Education Board's Distance Learning Policy Laboratory Leadership Group (USA)
1999-2000 Chair, Minister's Working Group on Admission and Transfer Issues
1999 Named one of Alberta's 50 most influential people by Alberta Venture Magazine
1996-1999 Chair, Western Universities Telecourse Consortium
1995-1998 Vice-President (English Canada), Inter-American Distance Education Consortium (CREAD)
1992-1993 Founding member and Chair, Canadian Computer-Assisted Language Learning Share Network
1976-1978 Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship
1975-1976 Province of Alberta Graduate Scholarship
1972-1973 Honours Scholarship


20005-2008 President Emeritus and Professor, Centre for Distance Education, Athabasca University


President, Athabasca University
1993-1994 Visiting Professor, National Institute of Multimedia Education, Japan
1992- Professor, Athabasca University
1989-1991 Acting Vice-President Academic, Athabasca University
1987-1988 Visiting Professor, Université canadienne en France
1981-1990 Dean of Arts & Sciences, Athabasca University
1982-1990 Associate Professor, Athabasca University
1979-1981 Assistant Professor, Athabasca University
1978-1979 Lecturer, Athabasca University
1979 Ph.D. (Comparative Literature) University of Alberta
DISSERTATION: "Marivaux and Fielding: A Comparative Analysis of Their Prose Narratives"
1974 M.A. (Comparative Literature) University of Alberta
THESIS: "The Dramaturgy of Timon of Athens on the English and French Stage"
1973 (May) B.A. Honours (French and German) University of Saskatchewan


1978-2001 Tutor, French language course(s), Athabasca University
1994 & 1992-1993 French Language Course Coordinator: responsible for delivery of 5 distance-delivered French courses
1992-1993 Reading German Course Coordinator: responsible for adaptation and delivery of a computer-assisted German language course
1981-1991 Delivered 1 French course during administrative appointments
1978-1981 Coordinator, French Program: responsible for planning, development and delivery of French language courses and other disciplinary courses with French as the language of instruction
1977-1978 Instructor, 2nd Year French-Canadian Civilization, University of Alberta
1975-1979 Instructor, French Conversation for Adults, Continuing Education
1973-1976 Instructor, 1st Year University French, University of Alberta
1972-1973 Instructor, 1st Year University French, University of Saskatchewan
1972-1973 Assistant Coordinator for Language Laboratories, University of Saskatchewan
1971-1972 Instructor, English as a Second Language, Villingen, Germany
1967-1971 Language Laboratory Assistant, University of Saskatchewan


    • Universities Coordinating Council (1980-1991, 1995-2005)
    • Executive Member, Universities Coordinating Council (1988-1991)
    • Athabasca University Governing Council (1980-1983; 1995-2005)
    • Athabasca University Academic Council (1981-1991; 1992-1993; 1995-2005)
    • Athabasca University Appeal Committee (1979-1980; 1992-1993)
    • Athabasca University Faculty Association Executive (1979-1981)
    • Athabasca University Governing Council Negotiating Team (1988-1991; 1995-2001)


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    1. Beginner’s French. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press, 1978. A Study Guide to accompany French 103.
    2. First Year University French. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press, 1979. A Study Guide to accompany French 242.
    3. Second Year University French. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press, 1980. A Study Guide to accompany French 361.
    4. Vocabulary Expansion. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press, 1981. A Study Guide to accompany French 375.
    • Developed several modules of CALL courseware (intermediate level) for use by adult learners of French at a distance.


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