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Dr. Cynthia Blodgett-Griffin



Curriculum Vitae


Cynthia Blodgett-Griffin, M.A. Ph.D., has been a leader in adult education, distance education, and e-learning for the past 25 years, since the time of mail and satellite delivery, through early transition into web-based secondary and higher education instructional design, teacher training, and graduate level course development. She holds a Master of Arts in Adult Education, and a Ph.D. in Education and Human Sciences, both from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Since 1994, she has been involved in numerous e-learning instructional design initiatives, teacher training, educational leadership, and research.

Cynthia teaches face2face and online; has led a variety of teaching and training projects in Canada and the United States, including as an invited research consultant for the Institute for Strategic International Studies; and was an instructional design specialist and researcher on a multi-year e-learning high school curriculum project. She is on the editorial review board for IRRODL, is an online course evaluator, thesis and dissertation auditor, grant writer, and researcher. For the past 16 years, Cynthia has taught with the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University. Since 2008, Cynthia has supervised masters and doctoral students through their thesis and dissertation research.

Her current academic interests include disability and e-learning, student support, the mature learner, instructional design, distance education, self-regulation, critical thinking, community of inquiry, research methods, etc.

Crossing into public service, Cynthia is in demand to provide religious education the “old fashioned” way by mail for inmates who have restricted access to the internet; and also for educational development in communications, transformational and servant leadership, and group dynamics for clergy.

In her over-25-year experience as an educator, she has come to value her role as a teacher and mentor for adult mid-life graduate students the most. Her priority is to provide support and learning tools necessary for students to not only succeed, but to thrive through the struggle to complete their graduate degrees. Feedback from her students, both directly and on course evaluations, speaks of her being not only reachable, but approachable. A student wrote, “you excel in motivation to keep people who have all but given up. You pick up the drifters and work with them until they get what they need to finish their courses. Not only are you making a difference, but you genuinely care and that isn’t present in a lot of instructors.” She holds to the belief that it is the responsibility of the adult educator to clear the path to learning success. Her passion as a teacher, coach, mentor and supervisor for graduate students on their journeys toward their goals is driven by her motto: Teach the mind, inspire the soul.

Securely grounded in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, Cynthia welcomes cyber-visits at or

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