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Centre for Distance Education

Faculty Showcase

The most recent publications for CDE faculty are located in AUSpace


Student Showcase

These sites were created by MDDE615, MDDE 662, MDDE663, and MDDE664 students. They have been selected for this showcase for their specific relevance to Distance Education.

Distance Education

  • MDDE 615 (Spring 2011)
    • Mobile Learning Design for Training Professionals - This course provides an example of well-designed mobile learning content. It also provides information that can be used by you, a Training Professional, to provide you with best practices for creating your own mobile learning objects. This site is viewable on mobile devices.

    • My Road Trip: Life on the Road of Learning - This site is designed to help adult learners acquire basic computer skills. It is a "How do I do . . . for your computer".

    • Integrating Technology into Language Learning - The Internet is widely used by language teachers to connect with students via email and to search for learning materials online; however, integrating technology into actual language learning is a much more complicated venture. This website makes the case for using a process-oriented approach, and demonstrate how the Internet can facilitate this approach for effective ESL learning.

    • Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: Collaborative Learning Tools for the Distance Education Instructor - Whether you are an early adopter of social networking tools or a member of the reluctant majority, you are likely looking for resources, methodology, supportive theory and convenient, easy to use web based tools to facilitate active and collaborative participation between you and your students, your students and the learning content, and your students with each other.

  • MDDE 615, 662, and 664 (Fall 2010 and Winter 2011) student website:
    • DE Accessibility - This site contains definitions, examples, statistics, software evaluations, and multimedia solutions relating to international aspects of DE accessibility. It links to 60+ published reports by MDDE graduate students, and is the result of collaborative projects conducted in the following courses: MDDE615 course (Human Factors in Educational Technology); MDDE662 (Evaluating Conferencing Software); and MDDE664 (New Perspectives in International Distance Education).

  • MDDE 663 (Fall, 2005) student websites:.

    • Design Patterns - This site takes up the architectual work of Christopher Alexander on Patterns. Pattern theory and best proactices are overviewed with examples of patterns in e-learning.

  • MDDE 663 (Fall, 2004) student websites:
    • Social Computing - Social computing increases the capacity for learners to control, filter and qualify the human interaction that supports their learning.

    • EPortfolios - E-portfolios provide technology and standards whereby learners can document, archive and present their learning accomplishments that span their formal education, workplace and informal learning lives.

  • MDDE 663 (Fall, 2003) student websites:
    • Educational Standards - This site overviews the many new standards evolving to facilitate interoperability and structured search, retrieval and inference in educational applications.

    • Learning Objects and Repositories - This site presents the ideas and concepts of learning objects and provides tours and evaluations of some of the major learning object repositories.

Online General

  • Online Student Wellness: intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual elements in a balanced online lifestyle. [Lloytd Hyatt, Maysa Jalbout, Bob Megens, Wilna Meyers]


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