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Athabasca University

CDE Courses

  • MDDE 601 Introduction to Distance Education and Training

  • MDDE 602 Research Methods in Distance Education

  • MDDE 603 Foundations of Instructional Design: Systems Analysis and Learning Theory

  • MDDE 604 Instructional Design in Distance Education

  • MDDE 605 Planning and Management in Distance Education and Training

  • MDDE 610 Survey of Current Educational Technology Applications

  • MDDE 611 Foundations of Adult Education

  • MDDE 612 Experiential Learning

  • MDDE 613 Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

  • MDDE 614 International Issues in Open and Distance Learning
  • MDDE 617 Program Evaluation in Distance Education

  • MDDE 618 Instructional Project Management

  • MDDE 619 Trends & Issues in Instructional Design

  • MDDE 620 Technology in Education and Training

  • MDDE 621 Online Teaching in Distance Education and Training

  • MDDE 622 Openness in Education

  • MDDE 623 Introduction to Mobile Learning

  • MDDE 630 Trends and Issues in K-12 Online and Blended Learning

  • MDDE 631 Inclusive Leadership and Practice in Education

  • MDDE 632 Leadership in Education Innovation

  • MDDE 650 Tutoring and Student Support in Distance Education and Training

  • MDDE 651 Gender Issues in Distance Education

  • MDDE 665 Collaboration and Mentoring in Educational Environments

  • MDDE 690-91 Independent Study

  • MDDE 694 Capstone e-Portfolio Project

  • AU Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

    The Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University and its partners are pleased to offer numerous freely accessible, high-quality massive open online courses (MOOCs) for students and the greater learning community. For more information, visit:

    AU Massive Open Online Courses



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