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MDDE 618: Instructional Project Management

Delivery mode: Online course using Moodle

Credits: 3 - Elective

Prerequisites: MDDE 601, MDDE 602 for MEd program students only

Prerequisites: MDDE 604 for all students

Instructors: Brad Eastman


Instructional Project Management aims to introduce the general concepts of project management competencies for those who work in the development and production of educational projects. In this course you will explore the current and future climate of the distance education and learning industry and formulate strategies to respond to that climate. You will develop an awareness of the issues faced by distance education organizations, the challenges of selecting of learning technologies, and the relative costs of delivery.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course students should be able to manage an educational project from inception to completion. Specifically, this course will:

  • Introduce you to the process required to launch a successful project;

  • Initiate you to team-building skills;

  • Provide you with an overview of the project management phases;

  • Teach you the basic skills of each element in the project management cycle;

  • Provide the opportunity to practice and apply those skills.


Course Outline

To help you attain these objectives, the course has been designed around six units:

Unit 1: Introduction to Project Management

Unit 2: Team Building

Unit 3: Initiation

Unit 4: Planning

Unit 5: Execution

Unit 6: Completion

Student Evaluation

There are four assignments in this course designed to offer the students the opportunity to apply what they have learned to a specific case. The assignments will be centered on the four major phases of a project life cycle. Assignments will build upon one another, as one is completed students will be expected to make modifications based on the feedback and then build their next assignment onto the previous one.

Assignment 1: Students will provide, define and describe an educational project.
Assignment 2: Students will continue to work in the first assignment and produce a plan for managing the project described.
Assignment 3: This assignment will build on the first two assignments. Students will describe the processes they took to manage project execution.
Assignment 4: Students will complete a Key Questions Matrix. At the end of each unit students will compose two key questions a project manager must be able to answer.
Course Participation: Students are expected to participate in the course forums.


Please note that some changes in schedules and/or specifics of assignments may be made from time to time or by individual instructors.

All course resources are online via Moodle.


Get Started Early

Early access to the Learning Management System, Moodle, begins a few days before the official start date of your course, at that time you will have limited access to the course. On the Official Start Date of the course, instructors will be available and the discussion forums will automatically become active.


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