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MDDE 701: Quantitative Research Methods

Delivery mode: Online course using Moodle

Credits: 3 - Thesis program route course

Prerequisites: All MDDE Core Courses

Instructor: Nathaniel Ostashewski



MDDE 701: Quantitative Research Methods is the first of the four courses in the thesis program route. The course focuses on the knowledge and skills that a distance education researcher or practitioner must possess in order to interpret the results of empirical investigations as reported in the distance education and social science literature, as well as to conduct such investigations in their thesis research. Such knowledge and skills are beneficial for graduate students preparing to develop their thesis proposals. The computer-based data analysis tool, SPSS, will be used to carry out course-related exercises and to prepare students for the selection and implementation of appropriate statistical tests for their future thesis research.

Course Goals

The goals of this course are to provide students with the concepts and skills required to interpret and evaluate the results of research reported in the social sciences and distance education literature, as well as to acquire an effective set of advanced computer-based, statistical and data analysis skills for their future thesis endeavors.

Course Outline

The course is divided into seven units:

Unit 1: Format of Articles/Descriptive statistics

Unit 2: Parametric Inferential Statistics

Unit 3: Inferences Concerning One or Two Means

Unit 4: Tests on Three or More Means/Post-hoc comparisons

Unit 5: Statistical Tests on Ranks (Non-parametric Tests)/Survey Data Analysis

Unit 6: Bivariate Correlation/Multiple Regression

Unit 7: Factor Analysis

Student Assessment

The Students will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis for each assignment and for the final grade. The assignments are described below.

Assignment 1: A series of problems on the normality/non-normality of distributions, on tests concerning one or two means, on tests concerning three or more means, and on post-hoc comparison tests.

Assignment 2: A series of problems on statistical tests on ranks, on survey data analysis, on bivariate correlation/multiple regressio,n and on factor analysis.

Course Materials

Online Study Guide

Registration in this course includes an electronic textbook. For more information on electronic textbooks, please refer to our eText Initiative site.

Huck, S. W. (2012). Reading Statistics and Research. Toronto: Pearson Higher Education. (eText).

SPSS Student Version software, (cd format).

Get Started Early

Early access to the Moodle Learning Management System, begins a few days before the official start date of the course. At that time you will have limited access to the course. On the Official Start Date of the course, the instructor will be available and the discussion forums will become active.


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