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Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit will not be granted for courses which have already been credited towards another degree or credential. Students must be enrolled in a DE program before applying for transfer credit.

Master of Education in Open, Digital, and Distance Education

To apply for transfer credit of previous education:

1.    Submit a written request, addressed to the MEd Program Director and sent to, which includes:

  • institution, faculty, program, grade earned and date of course completion;
  • detailed course description/outline and syllabus (from the originating institution), which outlines the goals and objectives of the course, assignments and weights given for those assignments; and,
  • rationale for how the course will fill a program requirement (e.g., as an option, in lieu of a specific core course, etc.)

2. Request an official transcript be sent from the originating institution to the MEd Program Director.

3. Submit the one-time, non-refundable transfer credit evaluation fee. Students may submit applications for transfer credit of several courses at one time. Transfer credit may be granted for a maximum of four courses (12 credits), with no more than one course (3 credits) from the core curriculum.

For information about transfer credit in the Doctor of Education in Distance Education program please contact Graduate Student Administrator.

In addition, Athabasca University has several transfer and mobility agreements with other Canadian universities that allow students to take courses or engage in research as a visiting student in an institution other than their own.

Letter of Permission

Students enrolled in a Graduate Distance Education program may take courses from other post-secondary institutions in fulfilment of the program requirements, provided such courses are applicable to the program. Students wishing to take courses from other institutions must submit the following to the Program Director for review:

  • Letter of Permission Request Form
  • applicable fee ($75)
  • written request, and
  • detailed course outlines

Requests should be made at least one month before the registration deadline at the institution where the student will be taking the course.

If approved, the DE office will issue a Letter of Permission. Upon completion of the course, the student must submit an official transcript to the DE office in order to obtain credit for the course.

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