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EdD Dissertations

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2020Is “free” more expensive than commercial? Open educational resources as part of a sustainable business model for postsecondary institutionsSinger, MarcOpen Educational Resources, Higher Education Business Models, Sustainability
2020Satisfaction of Canadian Armed Forces Regular Force Members with their Distance Learning Experiences

Jones, Kimberly

Distance Learning, Distance Education, Canadian Armed Forces, Military
2020Blended Learning and Satisfaction Among University Students Experiencing Concussion SymptomsGorham, RobynBlended Learning, Concussion, Learner Satisfaction, Learning Implications
2020College Leadership Approach and Impact on Online and Blended LearningMacPherson, ScottPolytechnic Institutions, Leadership Approach, Distributed Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Online And Blended Learning
2020Video-conferencing clinical supervision of rural, remote and northern counsellors to mitigate compassion fatigueSlipp, MichealaClinical Supervision, Northern Counsellors, Remote Counsellors, Rural Counsellors, Professional Counsellor
2019How self-regulatory foundations of religion inform online teaching practice: a study of Hindu monks who teach online

Ramanujan, Shamini

Self-regulation, Online teaching practice, Religious education, Hinduism, Mindfulness
2019Investigating self-directed learning readiness, private tuition and organisational level among working adult Singaporeans

Gervais, Gabriel

Adult Learners, Self-Directed Learning Readiness, Singapore, Private Tuition, Organisational Level
2019Women with depression in online learning: A descriptive phenomenological analysis

Orr, Tracy

Online learning, Depression, Distance Education, Women, Post-secondary 
2019An Investigation of teaching presence on Athabasca University's e-learning commons: the LandingMcNabb, Mary ElizabethCommunity of Inquiry, Teaching Presence, Value Creation Stories, E-Learning Commons, Dialogue-Based Cooperative E-Learning
2019Succession Planning in Leadership in Polytechnic Institutes: For stability and operational resilienceArora, NeeraPolytechnic Institutions, Leadership Development, Strategic Plan, Talent Management, Succession Planning 
2019Capstone electronic portfolios of master's students: An online ethnographyZuba Prokopetz, RitaOnline Ethnography, Learner Engagement, Reflection, Feedback Interaction, Eportfolio Pedagogy
2019Web of WisCom: An ethnographic case study of older adult learners online

Farquhar, Lynn A.

Educational Gerontology, Transformative Learning, Older Adult Learning, Community of Inquiry, Non-Formal Learning
2018Developing a conceptual framework for planning distributed education within Alberta’s comprehensive community institutions

Wilde, Russell

Distance Education, Distributed, Planning Framework, College Online, Alberta
2018The Transient Spaces of Studio Learning: Building a Theory of Online Studio Pedagogy in Graphic Design Education

Hammershaimb, Lisa

Studio Pedagogy, Graphic Design Education, Studio Learning, Online Studio, Grounded Theory
2018Professional Development Guidelines for OER: A case study of Brazilian fundamental education public school teachersVladimirschi, VivianeOpen Educational Resources, ICTs, Teacher Professional Development, Digital Resources, Design Thinking
2018Shifting paradigms: A critical pragmatic evaluation of key factors affecting learner-empowered emergent technology integrationWark, NorinePedagogy, Andragogy, Heutagogy, Perceptual Paradigm, Behavioural Paradigm
2017A Description of a Successful Indigenous Online High School: Perspectives of Teachers, Staff, Students, and ParentsPalahicky, SophiaIndigenous Online High School, Aboriginal Online High School, First Nation Online High School, E-Learning, Case Study
2017Exploring A Transactional Distance-Based Management Model To Improve Perception Of Efficacy Within Designated Corporate Collaboration CommunitiesWorkman, Timothy PeterCollaboration, Non-formal learning, Informal learning, Management model, Corporate Learning
2017Harold Innis' notion of time and space: A content analysis of the distance education literature

Mackintosh, James

Time and Space, Distance Education, Monopolies of Knowledge, Present-Mindedness, Philosophy of Technology 
2017Time and its relationship to help-seeking behavior toward learning strategy resources with entering medical students

Buckland, Joanne

Time, Learning Strategy Resources, Medical Students, Help-Seeking 
2017Blended Online Course (BOC): A Blended Learning Project to Train Indonesian Female Migrant Workers Who Work in Hong KongTanan, AntoniusBlended learning, Migrant workers, Indonesia, Entrepreneurship, Domestic helpers
2017Factors influencing higher distance education consortium persistencePreston, GordonConsortia, Consortium
2017Experiences of interaction for students with disabilities in online university programs

Jalovcic, Dzenana

Students with Disabilities, Online Higher Education, Interaction, Online Postsecondary Education, Disabled Students
2017Learner experience of silence in cohort-based distance education

Duran, Leslie

Silence, Distance Education, Online Interaction, Phenomenology of Practice, Distance Learners
2016A thematic synthesis of Community of Inquiry research 2000 to 2014

Kineshanko (Befus), Madelaine K.

Community of Inquiry, Thematic Synthesis, Research synthesis
2016Professional Development Education use by Pharmacists: Exploring Organizational Context in Knowledge Translation to Practice

Scarlett-Ferguson, Heather

Professional Development, Knowledge Translation, Pharmacists, Organizational Context
2016Large-Scale Deployment of Tablet Computers in Brazil: An Implementation Model for School DistrictsFarias, Giovanni Ferreira deTablet computer, Public school, Brazil,  Large scale, Model
2016Blended training for scientific software usersSkordaki, Efrosyni-MariaBlended Learning, Grounded Theory, Epistemagogy, Distance Learning, Adult Learning
2015A Framework for Promoting Teacher Self-Efficacy with Mobile Reusable Learning Objects

Power, Robert Leo

Active Learning, Activity Theory, Collaborative Situated Active Mobile Learning Design, Instructional Design, Teacher Training
2015Examining the outcomes of mobile learning used to train elite level hockey players as measured by Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model

Crowder, Kenneth David

Mobile Learning, Kirkpatrick Evaluation, Motivation, Self-Efficacy, Bloom's Taxonomy
2015Challenges and Opportunities for Canadian Public Universities Marketing Online Education Strand, RonaldMarketing, Online Education,  Canadian Universities
2015Accommodating Aboriginal students in online coursesBatsford-Mermans, AngelaOnline Education, Mild Intellectual Disability, Course Design, Aboriginal Education
2014Tacit knowing made visible: The use and value of an online archive

Berry, Stuart

Distance Education, Design-Based Research, Socially Networked Online Learning Environment, Organizational Knowledge Creation, Learning Artefacts
2014Synchronous web conferencing: Towards a pedagogical model for effective learningYeung, Sze KiuSynchronous web conferencing, Pedagogy, Action Research, Learning Analytics
2014Learner-Learner Interaction in Self-Paced Study at a Distance: Perceptions and Practice in Multiple CasesThiessen, JaniceInteraction, Pedagogy, Industrial model, Social media, Case study 
2013Networked Teacher Professional Development: Assessing K-12 Teacher Professional Development within a social networking framework

Ostashewski, Nathaniel

Networked learning, Teacher Professional Development, Online, Technology
2013Training higher education adjunct faculty to teach online: A design-based research studyShattuck, JulieOnline Teaching, Adjunct Faculty, Design-Based Research, Faculty Training, Online Teaching Professional Development
2013Development and evaluation of a pedagogical model for an open university in Nepal based on geographical, regional, and linguistic factorsBainbridge, SusanPedagogical Model, Open University, Developing Countries, eLearning, mLearning
2012The Hollow Bone Hunter's Search for Sacred Space in Cyberspace: A Two World Story

Helmer, Joyce M.

Indigenous Education, Indigenous Pedagogy
2012Design Guidelines for a Mobile-Enabled Language Learning System Supporting the Development of ESP Listening Skills

Palalas, Agnieszka

Mobile learning, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Design-Based Research, English as a Second Language, English for Special Purposes
2012Using Simulation-based Practice Labs to Promote Instructional Effectiveness and Community Cohesion in a Blended Distance Nursing ProgramWalker, DebraSimulation-Based Practice Lab, Nursing Education, Blended Learning, Learner Satisfaction, Self-Confidence
2012Factors influencing technology adoption: A case study of foreign language instructorsMirriahi, NeginTechnology Adoption, Language Instruction, Social Networks, Higher Education
2012Informal Learning of Registered Nurses using Mobile Devices in the Healthcare WorkplaceFahlman, WillyNursing, Informal Leanring, Mobile Devices, Healthcare, Workplace Learning

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