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Athabasca University

Delivery Format

The doctoral program is cohort-based. Twelve students will be admitted each year, and will (unless individual circumstances prevent it) progress through the program as a group.  Cohort-based delivery provides exposure to and networking among a diverse group of highly skilled, experienced professionals, and promotes collaborative learning in a scholarly learning community.

At the beginning of the first year of the program, a required five-day orientation workshop is conducted in Athabasca. This time will be spent in instruction (i.e., the first course will commence), in program planning, in discussions with faculty and colleagues, in community-building activities, and in technology-related tutorials.

In addition, over the course of the program students are encouraged (but not required) to attend special research seminars sponsored collaboratively with the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) and the Athabasca University Research Centre. These gatherings provide an additional opportunities for contact with faculty and colleagues.

Completion Time

Students must complete the program within five years, and will normally complete in four years. After the fourth year, continuation fees may be levied.

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