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Doctor of Education in Distance Education

Effective June 29, 2020, a 2 per cent non-refundable convenience charge will be charged when using Visa or Mastercard to pay student fees. American Express is no longer an accepted method of payment.

The EdD fees consist of a yearly program fee and individual course fees. The annual program fee may be paid in two installments (see the example below). Individual course fees are due by the course registration deadline.

If your tuition is being sponsored by a company or other organization, we will require a Letter of Guarantee.

Program application fee (non-refundable) required each time a person applies: $154
Yearly program fee (non-refundable) payable in two equal installments of $2,381: $4,762
Course tuition fee (per course)
* EdD Course Tuition fees now include a Course Administration and Technology fee of $268 and a Course Materials fee of $26 per course. The Athabasca University Graduate Students Association (AUGSA) fee of $13 per credit is included in the above course tuition fees.
Letter of Permission Fee $84
Course extension fee $283
Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee (one time) $295
Course withdrawal processing fee $383
Continuation fee (per 6 month period beyond the first 4 years of the program)* $2,381
* Students may take up to 5 years to complete their degree. After year 4, (8 installments of the $2,381 already paid) there will be a continuation fee of $2,381 each 6-month period.


Type of fee Amount
Program Application Fee $154
Year 1
Program fee: 1st installment $2,381**
Program fee: 2nd installment $2,381**
Course 1 $4,838
Course 2 $4,838
Total for year 1 $14,438
Year 2
Program fee: 3rd installment $2,381**
Program fee: 4th installment $2,381**
Course 3 $4,838
Course 4 $4,838
Total for year 2 $14,438
Year 3
Program fee: 5th installment $2,381**
Program fee: 6th installment $2,381**
Course 5 $4,838
Course 6 $4,838
Total for year 3 $14,438
Year 4 ††
Program fee: 7th installment $2,381**
Program fee: 8th installment $2,381**
Total for year 4 $4,762
Total for Program $48,230

** The application fee and the program fee are non-refundable.

†† There are no courses in year 4. Students work towards completing their dissertation. Please note that students must pay a minimum of 8 program installments even if they complete the program in less than 4 years.

Information effective September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

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