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Graduate Certificate in Technology-Based Learning (GCTBL)

Upon successful completion of all nine BOLT modules, students are eligible to obtain an Athabasca University Certificate in Technology-Based Learning:  

To obtain the GCTBL, BOLT students must:

  1. Complete all nine BOLT modules;
  2. Submit application for admission and advanced standing to the GCTBL;
  3. Pay the admission fee.

Upon Program Director acceptance, students will receive the GCTBL Certificate through Athabasca University, Centre for Distance Education (CDE). Students may apply to receive their AU transcript (without fee).

Master of Education Course Equivalency

The BOLT program is based on the modularization of three 3-credit MEd courses: MDDE 621, MDDE 603, and MDDE 620. Each 3-credit course has been reconstituted into three 1-credit modules. The modules maintain the same level of academic quality as the original courses, including the equivalent content, assignments, and learning outcomes. BOLT modules can be applied toward advanced standing for the equivalent MEd Course as outlined below:

  • BOLT 671 Introduction to K-12 Online Learning
  • BOLT 672 Online Teaching for K-12
  • BOLT 673 Advanced Study in K-12 Online Teaching

Equivalency: MDDE 621 Online Teaching in Distance Education and Training

  • BOLT 674 Learning Theories
  • BOLT 675 Instructional Design Elements
  • BOLT 676 Systems Theory and Learning

Equivalency: MDDE 603 Foundations of Instructional Design: Systems Analysis and Learning Theory

  • BOLT 677 Digital Tools for change
  • BOLT 678 Evaluating K-12 Digital Tools
  • BOLT 679 Pedagogy for Digital Learning

Equivalency: MDDE 620 Technology in Education and Training

Ladder into the Master of Education Program (MEd in DE)

To ladder into the Master of Education in Distance Education Program, BOLT students must:

  1. Complete the set of three sequential BOLT modules that compose each of the three graduate course equivalents (i.e. nine modules in total);
  2. Submit application for admission to apply their completed BOLT modules to the Masters Program.

Upon acceptance by the Program Director into the Masters Program, an admission fee is required.

Salary Qualifications

Completion of the modules may influence salary qualifications. Students may apply to receive their AU transcript (without fee).

For more information regarding salary evaluation processes, please contact the Alberta Teacher Qualification Service.

BOLT Status

In BOLT modules, the lowest acceptable grade is B-. Students who receive a grade lower than B- or receive more than one grade of B- or lower may be required to withdraw from BOLT.

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